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Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling/Addiction Counseling/Anger Management Counseling

Lisa Harmon Mollicone - MA, LCADC, ICADC, CART, CJC, ICPS          Alcohol & Substance Use Disorder Education & Counseling                  Anger Resolution Counseling, Parenting Skills Workshops


Are you or a loved one suffering with a substance abuse problem or other addictive disorder? Do you believe your child, or maybe your spouse, has anger issues? Would you like to learn more effective parenting skills? I would like to help you get through these difficult times in a comfortable and encouraging setting. I provide substance abuse assessments, counseling, relapse prevention and education classes for individuals and families suffering from addictions including alcohol, drug, gambling, food, and other related disorders as well as anger management counseling and one on one parenting classes.


I am a licensed clinical and internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor as well as an internationally certified prevention specialist, certified criminal justice counselor and certified anger resolution therapist. Through educational and coaching techniques, I aim to improve the quality of life to those who suffer from addiction and anger related issues.


I provide a supportive setting focusing on emotional needs. In an encouraging environment, I will help you and your loved ones have the life you deserve, free of substances or unwarranted anger. I will teach positive coping skills and provide parenting guidance. I provide motivational support to aid in substance abuse prevention.


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Lisa Harmon Mollicone

Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Certified Anger Resolution Therapist


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phone: 732-642-5631